Black Cumin (Kala Jeera)


A spice that's popular in North Indian cuisine, Kala jeera is used to flavor food, especially rice dishes, with a distinct rich and nutty taste. This spice is also known as blackcumin (Bunium persicum).

The seeds are small, dark brown, and crescent shaped, with a sharp, bitter odour pre-cooking.

Like its regular cousin, kala jeera falls inside the parsley family. A native to Central Asia and Northern India, the plant has been used in cooking for centuries. When pressed, the seeds yield an essential oil, which is used in some traditional medicines. It is particularly helpful for digestive disorders, and it is also used on some topical injuries such as boils. In parts of India, the root of the plant is used in cooking as well.

Before cooking, kala jeera seeds emit a sharp, earthy, heavy odour that seems rather unpleasant. As they cook, however, the seeds develop a nutty flavor and scent that can greatly enhance the taste of foods that they are cooked with. The seeds can be used in a multiplicity of ways. For instance, it may be baked into breads, added to curry pastes and blends, or steamed with rice to give it a distinct scent, especially in Northern Indian food.

Culinary Use - The taproot of this plant is bulbous in shape and is eaten raw or cooked and served as vegetable. The dark brown, crescent-shaped seeds are used to spice up pickles and to flavor curries, soups, stews, rice dishes and various baked goods. The essential oil extracted from the seeds is used to enhance the flavor of condiments and sauces.

Medicinal Use - Ayurveda, India's system of traditional healing depends heavily on the seeds and oil of the plant. It's traditionally used over topical wounds, boils and other skin conditions because it's thought to be antibacterial. Mansfeld's World Database of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops mentions that the seeds and essential oils are considered effective tools to resolve gastrointestinal problems and increase the flow of urine.

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