Fenugreek Seed (Methi)


Fenugreek seed, an ancient spice with a slightly bitter taste, is small, hard, yellowish-brown, smooth and oblong shaped. The fresh tender green leaves of the fenugreek plant, called methi or menthi, have a bitter-sweet flavor and are used as a regular green vegetable in Indian cuisine like dal and vegetables.

Fenugreek seeds can be sprouted, have a slight pungent-sweet flavor and used to prepare salads. The dried form of fenugreek leaves, called "kasoorimethi", is a popular spice used to enhance the flavor of Indian dishes.

Fenugreek seeds should be lightly dry roasted before using to enhance the flavor of the dish and reduce the bitterness of the spice. The more you roast, the more the bitterness. Adding these dry roasted seeds as it is or in powdered form to gravy lends the dish a tangy and mellow characteristic curry flavor.

Medical research shows that fenugreek seed lowers blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

It was also known to cure constipation, as a powerful expectorant, and is used as a herbal infusion to break up respiratory congestion.

An ancient ayurvedic cure for dandruff – soak some seeds in water overnight, grind to a paste, apply onto the scalp and hair, leave for 20 minutes and rinse. It also tones the hair, giving it a silky feel and shine.

Fenugreek seed paste or methi in powder form can be used as a face pack also, helps to tone the skin and cure acne.

Methi is sourced from Jhawra, Rajasthan

A 500gms, 200gms, 100gms DNV Methi packet is all that you will need to prepare your favourite dishes.