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DNV Distributors’ Meet Midnapore 2014
Every now and then, we put our best foot forward to communicate with our family members, i.e., distributors, to enrich our vision and mission. This month, it was time for Midnapore distributors to open up with their problems, expectations and praises for the company. As usual when the best of minds came in together, evidently best results were produced.
Director of DNV Nirmal Jain meets the distributors in Midnapur
Distributors join hands in a futuristic endeavour
Sales Head Gautam Das gathers opinions and demands
Director Nirmal Jain and son Harsh Jain in conversation with the distributors about facets of activities of DNV
Now what’s that grim face for?
Getting clear insights on being a part of the DNV family
The Q & A session…
Getting some food for thought
Ears to the details of the products, activities, CSR initiatives and many more
Digitalization starts with Whatsapp!
Nirmal Jain answers a query from the audience
Harsh Jain, Director of DNV and son of Nirmal Jain, bringing things on table
Wrapping up with the best conclusions from an interesting discussion