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After dealing with whole and powdered spices for years we are extremely happy to introduce a new product range Snax. With the real delicacies of Bikaneri taste up for grab, we assure your snacks time evenings are never going to be the same anymore. Munch on the very spicy, tangy and yummy snacks!

Bhujia: Bhujia is that one thing that you have always wanted in everything from jhalmuri to papdi chaat and dahi vada etc. From the lands of origin, we bring to you the authentic Bikaneri bhujia for you to enjoy a delightful snacks!

Aloo Bhujia: Aloo bhujia is the most popular choice among snacks. Have a mouthful of it or add it to your favourite dish, enjoy the most of it.

All in One (Chanachur): The tea-time adda is incomplete without a mouthful of chanachur. Made of varied ingredients like fried lentils, peanuts, chickpea flour, fried onions, flaked rice, curry leaves etc along with spices of all sorts, the all-in-one chanachur tastes sweet, salty, tangy all at a time when you grab a handful of it.

Moong Dal: A fresh, crunchy, salty and mouthful of moong dal feeds your hunger and mood at a go. The fried moong dal is a much loved and preferred snack across the nation. They are tasty and healthy as well.

Badam Pakori: Indians love nuts. They want it everywhere from cooking meals, desserts, health diet to snacks. Badam Pakori is fried in gram flour and the salty taste is a popular choice with almost every Indian snack lover.
Aloo Bhujia
All in one (Chanachur)
Moong Dal
Badam Pakori