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Your favourite noodles or vegetable chop is incomplete without a touch of that tempting thick red drop of semi-solid thing. Sauces are an indispensible part of our snacks time. In many ways it adds flavour, moisture and look and feel of the food.

Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes are the best bet as far as sauce is concerned. Tomato tastes tangy and this tanginess adds an extra level of flavour to the food.

Tomato Chilli Sauce: When the tanginess of tomato and the hotness of chilli teams up, what should you expect the taste to be? The hot and sweet flavours give the food a unique taste and hence the sauce is very popular among food lovers.

Green Chilli Sauce: If you have taste for spicy food you are not the one who ever misses out on asking for more green chilli sauce every time you munch on your favourite samosa. With a tastier chilli sauce now enjoy your weekend snacks time more.

Soya Sauce: Soya sauce is made from the fermentation of boiled soya beans. The sauce comprises of healthy nutrients and is used variedly in many Asian dishes.
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Chilli Sauce
Green Chilli Sauce
Soya Sauce